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Reconnect With Mandalas!

Life has been weird with this pandemic and, while we are not out of the woods yet, I am happy we have all been able to level out from the chaos and regain control. We are settling into our new normal, getting more comfortable with uncertainty, and starting to make more time to reconnect with...


Incorporating Art Into Your Life Is Vital To Good Health – The Medical Community Agrees!

A medical revolution has begun worldwide: doctors are being granted the ability to prescribe art as treatment. This is beyond exciting, and it’s should be celebrated as a breakthrough in modern medicine. As a henna artist I have seen firsthand how art can benefit health. Yes, we specifically...


The Versatility of Art Therapy

Dedicated art therapy involves art as a medium and a therapist as a leader of the activity. It can be as simple as colouring computer printouts, creating collages or inspiration boards using images and words cut out from magazines, all the way to intricate oil paintings, pottery, and more. In...